Hedycara arborea (Monimiaceae) - Plate 467

Joseph Banks

New Zealand (Parts 20 - 27)

Line engraving by Daniel MacKenzie after Sydney Parkinson (1769 - 1770) and Frederick Polydore Nodder (1780). Joseph Banks and his party saw this species at: Tegadu Bay, New Zealand (20 October - 22 October 1769) Tolaga Bay, New Zealand (23 October - 29 October 1769) Opoorage, New Zealand (5 November - 15 November 1769) Totara nui, New Zealand (15 January - 6 February 1770) This tree is found in North and South Islands and is the porokaiwhiri of the Maoris and the pigeonwood of the settlers. Banks and Solander noted that the trees are either male or female


This print is also illustrated as Plate 47 on page 111 of Joseph Banks' Florilegium: Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage, published by Thames & Hudson Ltd 

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