Portrait of William Daniell (unknown)

Born in Surrey in 1769 to a family of humble origins, William Daniell was effectively raised by his uncle, the landscape artist Thomas Daniell, who he was sent to live with after his father’s death in 1779. William learned his trade assisting his uncle, who he accompanied to India in 1784 to work on a series of prints documenting the subcontinent over the next sixteen years. This major work, Oriental Scenery, was published to great success upon their return to England.

In 1814, William Daniell set out on what was to be his greatest artistic work, A Voyage Round Great Britain. His plan was to record the people, places, towns and villages around Britain's coastline, providing both an artistic and written account.

‘…a delight, technically adventurous and so beautifully done.’

Financial Times


‘…Voyage Round Great Britain is the magnum opus of William Daniell RA.

Country Life

Over the next decade, Daniell made six separate trips to eventually cover the entire coastline of Britain. On his travels, he made pencil sketches of interesting views including both people and scenery. The sketches were annotated with details of colour and textures for their eventual and painstaking transfer onto copper plates back in London, to be printed and coloured for publication.

Eleven years later, having travelled from Land's End to John O'Groats via the west coast and then back to Land's End via the east, his magnum opus was completed. A Voyage Round Great Britain was published over the period 1814 to 1825 in eight volumes.

The result was a collection of 308 aquatint engravings, providing a unique record of the entire coastline of England, Wales and Scotland, its ports and harbours, lighthouses, ships and mariners, in pre Industrial Revolution Britain, before photography and the railways were invented.

A Voyage Round Great Britain is unquestionably the most ambitious and accomplished example of the aquatint engraver's skills, and it is probably the most remarkable of the many superb topographical books produced in England during the early years of the 19th century. Unlike the majority of its rivals, all the engraving is autographic and everywhere Daniell's hand displays the most extraordinary virtuosity.

By a most remarkable piece of good fortune, the actual original aquatint printing plates survived and were acquired by the Tate Gallery Publications Department in the late seventies. Alecto Historical Editions was invited to take a limited number of impressions for the Tate and their Patrons and Friends in 1978.

At Tate Gallery’s request, the edition is printed in black and the extraordinary delicacy of Daniell’s work is fully displayed for the first time. As David Bland remarks in his History of Book Illustration, the aquatinting is so good that it depends very little on colour for its effect.

After proofing in the Alecto studios, just 100 impressions from each of Daniell’s original copper plates were taken for the published edition, which sold out.
A small selection of original prints from our exhibition sets is however still available for purchase.


Plate 1 The Lands-end, Cornwall
Plate 2 The long ships light house off the Lands End, Cornwall
Plate 3 The entrance to Portreath, Cornwall
Plate 4 Boscastle Pier on the coast of Cornwall
Plate 5 Hartland Pier, North Devon
Plate 6 Clovelly on the Coast of North Devon
Plate 7 Ilfracombe on the coast of North Devon
Plate 8 View of Ilfracombe from Hilsborough
Plate 9 Near Combmartin, on the coast of North Devon
Plate 10 Lynmouth on the coast of North Devon
Plate 11 St Donats Glamorganshire
Plate 12 Britton Ferry, Glamorganshire
Plate 13 The Mumbles light-house, in Swansea Bay
Plate 14 The Worms-head, in Tenby bay
Plate 15 Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Plate 16 The Eligug-stack, near St. Gowans-head, Pembrokeshire
Plate 17 Solva, near St. Davids, Pembrokeshire
Plate 18 View of the entrance to Fishguard, near Goodwych sands
Plate 19 Goodwych Pier, near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire
Plate 20 View near Aberystwith, Cardiganshire
Plate 21 Barmouth, Merionethshire
Plate 22 View of Caernarvon Castle, from Anglesea
Plate 23 The Harbour light-house, Holyhead
Plate 24 Light-house on the South Stack, Holyhead
Plate 25 Part of the South Stack, Holyhead
Plate 26 The Rope Bridge, near the Light-house, Holyhead
Plate 27 Black Marble Quarry, near Red Wharf Bay, Anglesea
Plate 28 The entrance to Amlwch harbour, Anglesea
Plate 29 Red Wharf Bay, Anglesea
Plate 30 Beaumaris Castle, Anglesea
Plate 31 View of Puffin Island, near Anglesea
Plate 32 The Bath, built by Lord Penryn, near Bangor, N. Wales
Plate 33 Penman-maur, taken from near Aber, N. Wales
Plate 34 View of Conway Castle, Caernarvonshire
Plate 35 The Light-house on Point of Air, Flintshire
Plate 36 View near Hoyle-lake, Cheshire
Plate 37 The Towns-end Mill, Liverpool
Plate 38 Seacombe Ferry, Liverpool
Plate 39 Liverpool, taken from the opposite side of the river
Plate 40 Lancaster Castle
Plate 41 View near Lower Heysham, Lancashire
Plate 42 Distant View of Whitbarrow Scar, Westmorland
Plate 43 Castle-head, Westmorland
Plate 44 Peel Castle, Lancashire
Plate 45 Whitehaven, Cumberland
Plate 46 Harrington, near Whitehaven, Cumberland
Plate 47 Mary Port, Cumberland
Plate 48 Carlaverock Castle, Dumfriesshire
Plate 49 Kirkudbright
Plate 50 The Mull of Galloway, Wigtonshire
Plate 51 Port Patrick, Wigtonshire
Plate 52 Cardness Castle, near Gatehouse, Kircudbrightshire
Plate 53 Near Carsleith, Galloway
Plate 54 Wigton, Galloway
Plate 55 Cree-town, Kirkudbrightshire
Plate 57 The Crag of Ailsa
Plate 58 Culzean Castle, Ayrshire
Plate 59 Distant View of Ayr
Plate 60 Pier at Ardrossan, Ayrshire
Plate 61 The Isle od Arran, taken near Ardrossan
Plate 62 Ardgowan, Renfrewshire
Plate 63 Greenock, on the Clyde
Plate 64 Steam Boat on the Clyde near Dumbarton
Plate 65 Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute
Plate 66 Lock Ranza, Isle of Arran
Plate 67 Duntrune Castle, Loch Creran, Argylshire
Plate 68 Loch Swene, Argylshire
Plate 69 Rassella, near Kilmartin, Loch Creran, Argylshire
Plate 70 On the Isle of Jura
Plate 71 Inverary Castle, Argylshire
Plate 72 Dunolly Castle, near Oban, Argylshire
Plate 73 Dunstaffnage Castle, Argylshire
Plate 74 Clam-shell Cave, Staffa. Iona in the distance
Plate 75 Exterior of Fingal's Cave, Staffa
Plate 76 Entrance to Fingal's Cave, Staffa
Plate 77 In Fingal's Cave, Staffa
Plate 78 Staffa, near Fingal's Cave
Plate 79 The Cormorants Cave, Staffa
Plate 80 View from the Island of Staffa
Plate 81 The Island of Staffa from the East.
Plate 82 The Island of Staffa, from the South West
Plate 83 View of Iona, from the N. East
Plate 84 The Cathedral at Iona
Plate 85 View of Ben-more from near Ulva house
Plate 86 Remains of the Chapel & c on Inch Kenneth
Plate 87 Gribune-head in Mull
Plate 88 Loch-na-gael, near Knock on Mull
Plate 89 Distant View of Cruachan-ben, taken near Arros bridge, Isle of Mull
Plate 90 Arros Castle, Isle of Mull
Plate 91 Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull
Plate 92 Mingarry Castle, Argylshire
Plate 93 Ardnamurchan point, Argylshire
Plate 94 Scoor Eig on the Isle of Eig
Plate 95 Part of the Isle of Rum
Plate 96 Armidal, the Seat of Lord Macdonald, Isle of Skye
Plate 97 lloransay, Isle of Skye
Plate 98 Balmacarro-house, Loch-alsh, Rosshire
Plate 99 Castle Ellen-Donan
Plate 100 Loch-Duich, Ross-shire
Plate 101 Ilan-dreoch, Glenbeg, Invernesshire
Plate 102 The bay of Barrisdale in Loch Hourne
Plate 103 Loch Hourne head
Plate 104 Glen-coe taken near Ballachulish
Plate 105 Near Kylakin, Skye


Plate 106 Liveras, near Broadford, Skye
Plate 107 Portree on the Isle of Skye
Plate 108 Glenvargle bridge, near Portree, Skye
Plate 109 Duntulm, Isle of Skye
Plate 110 Dunrobin Castle from the N.E., Sutherlandshire
Plate 111 Dunvegan Castle
Plate 112 Little Brieshmeal, near Talisker, Skye
Plate 113 Loch Scavig, Skye
Plate 114 Loch Coruisq, near Loch Scavig
Plate 115 The Coolin, taken from Loch Slapin
Plate 116 From the Isle of Rassay, looking Westward
Plate 117 Castle Broichin on the Isle of Rassay
Plate 118 Rowadill in Harris
Plate 119 Light House on the Isle of Scalpa, Harris
Plate 120 Part of the Northern face of one of the Shiant Isles
Plate 121 Near View of one of the Shiant Isles
Plate 122 Stornaway, on the Isle of Lewis
Plate 123 Remains of a Temple at Galston, Isle of Lewis
Plate 124 Druidical Stone at Strather near Barvas, Isle of Lewis
Plate 125 The Gair-loch, Ross-shire
Plate 126 Gair-loch head, Ross-shire
Plate 127 Green-stone rock, Loch Broom
Plate 128 Pier at Tanera, Loch Broom
Plate 129 Ben Sulveheim, from Loch Inver
Plate 130 View of Cuniag, from Loch Inver
Plate 131 Unapool in Kyies-cu Assynt
Plate 132 Rispand Durness
Plate 133 Entrance to the cave of Smowe
Plate 134 Whiten-head, Loch Eribol
Plate 135 Bay of Tongue
Plate 136 Strath-naver, Sutherlandshire
Plate 137 The Clett-rock, Holborn head
Plate 138 Thurso, from near Holborn head
Plate 139 Castle Sinclair, Thurso
Plate 140 Castle Hill, near Thurso
Plate 141 Moy Castle, Caithness
Plate 142 The Ferry at Scarskerry, Caithness
Plate 143 Near the Berry-head Hoy, Orkney
Plate 144 The Snook Hoy, Orkney
Plate 145 The Old Man of Hoy
Plate 146 Stromness, Orkney
Plate 147 Stones of Stennis, Orkney
Plate 148 The Cathedral of St. Magnus, Kirkwall, Orkney
Plate 149 S.E. View of the Cathedral & Palace at Kirkwall, Orkney
Plate 150 Kirkwall, Orkney, from the Bay
Plate 151 N. West View of the Cathedral, Kirkwall
Plate 152 Tower of the Bishops Palace, Kirkwall
Plate 153 Remains of the Earls Palace, Kirkwall
Plate 154 Light House on the Start, Isle of Sandy, Orkney
Plate 155 John o' Groats, Caithness
Plate 156 Duncansby stacks, Caithness
Plate 157 Keiss Castle, Caithness
Plate 158 Ackergill Tower-Caithness
Plate 159 Castles Sinclair & Girnigo, Caithness
Plate 160 Wick, Caithness
Plate 161 Old Wick Castle, Caithness
Plate 162 The Stack at Hempriggs, Caithness
Plate 163 Scene at Hempriggs, Caithness
Plate 164 Forse Castle, Sutherland
Plate 165 Dunbeath Castle, Caithness
Plate 166 Berrydale, Caithness
Plate 167 Castle of Berrydale
Plate 168 Helmsdale Sutherlandshire
Plate 169 Dunrobin Castle, Sutherlandshire
Plate 170 Dunrobin Castle, from the N.E., Sutherlandshire
Plate 171 Dornoch, Sutherlandshire
Plate 172 Bonar Bridge
Plate 173 Cromarty
Plate 174 Pier at Fortrose, Ross-shire
Plate 175 Inverness
Plate 176 Nairn
Plate 177 Obelisk at Forres
Plate 178 Nelson's Tower, Forres
Plate 179 Brugh-head, Murrayshire
Plate 180 Coxtown Tower, near Elgin
Plate 181 Finlater Castle, Banffshire
Plate 182 Boyne Castle, Banffshire
Plate 183 Duff House, Banff
Plate 184 Banff
Plate 185 Frazerburgh, Aberdeenshire
Plate 186 Kinnaird Head, Aberdeenshire
Plate 187 Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
Plate 188 Slanes Castle, Aberdeenshire
Plate 189 Bridge of Old Don, Old Aberdeen
Plate 190 Aberdeen
Plate 191 Dunotter Castle, Kincardinshire
Plate 192 Montrose, Forfarshire
Plate 193 Inverbernie Bridge
Plate 194 Broughty Castle, Forfarshire
Plate 195 Dundee, Forfarshire
Plate 196 St, Andrews, Fifeshire
Plate 197 Wemys Castle, Fifeshire
Plate 198 Distant View of Edinburgh, with Wemys Castle
Plate 199 Edinburgh from the Castle
Plate 200 Edinburgh with part of the North Bridge & Castle
Plate 201 Edinburgh from Calton Hill
Plate 202 Leith
Plate 203 Tantallon Castle, Haddingtonshire
Plate 204 The Bass Rock
Plate 205 Dunbar, Haddingtonshire
Plate 206 Berwick upon Tweed
Plate 207 Castle on Holy Island, Northumberland
Plate 208 Bamborough Castle, Northumberland
Plate 209 North Shields, Northumberland
Plate 210 Tynemouth, Northumberland
Plate 211 Sunderland Pier, Durham
Plate 212 Whitby, Yorkshire
Plate 213 Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire
Plate 214 Scarborough, Yorkshire
Plate 215 Light-house on Flamboro' Head, Yorks
Plate 217 Boston, Lincolnshire
Plate 218 Yarmouth from Gorlstone
Plate 219 Lowestoft, Suffolk
Plate 220 Southwold, Suffolk
Plate 221 The Orford Ness Light houses, Suffolk
Plate 222 Harwich, Essex
Plate 223 Mistley, near Harwich, Essex
Plate 224 South End, Essex
Plate 225 Sheerness
Plate 226 The Reculvers
Plate 227 Pier at Margate
Plate 228 North Foreland Light House
Plate 229 Broadstairs
Plate 230 Ramsgate
Plate 231 Deal Castle
Plate 232 Walmer Castle
Plate 233 Dover Castle
Plate 234 Dover from Shakespears Cliff
Plate 235 Shakespears Cliff
Plate 236 Folkstone, Kent
Plate 237 Hythe
Plate 238 Dungeness Light House
Plate 239 Rye, Sussex
Plate 240 Winchelsea
Plate 241 Hastings from near the White Rock
Plate 242 Hastings from the East Cliff
Plate 243 Near Beachy-head
Plate 244 Brighton
Plate 245 Near Regents Square, Brighton
Plate 246 Ovington near Brighton
Plate 247 Shoreham
Plate 248 Pier at Littlehampton
Plate 249 View from the Park, Arundel
Plate 250 Bognor
Plate 251 View from Portsdown Hill
Plate 252 West Cowes
Plate 253 Lord Henry Seymour's Castle
Plate 254 Mr. Nash's Castle
Plate 255 Ryde
Plate 256 Brading Harbour
Plate 257 Shanklin Chine
Plate 258 Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight
Plate 259 Needles Cliff & Needles, Isle of Wight
Plate 260 Distant View of the Needles & Hurst Castle
Plate 261 Christchurch
Plate 262 Poole Harbour
Plate 263 Corfe Castle
Plate 264 Swanage
Plate 265 Lulworth Cove
Plate 266 Weymouth
Plate 267 Light-house, Isle of Portland
Plate 268 St. Catherine's Chapel, Dorset
Plate 269 Bridport Harbour, Dorset
Plate 270 Lyme Regis, from Charmouth, Dorset
Plate 271 Sidmouth, Devon
Plate 272 Exmouth, Devon
Plate 273 Teignmouth, Devon
Plate 274 Babicombe, Devon
Plate 275 Torbay, Devon
Plate 276 Tor-abbey, Devon
Plate 277 Tor-quay, Devon
Plate 278 Brixham, Torbay, Devon
Plate 279 Entrance to Dartmouth, Devon
Plate 280 The Junction of the Dart with the Sea
Plate 281 Near Kingswear, on the Dart, Devon
Plate 282 Kingswear, Devon
Plate 283 Salcombe, Devon
Plate 284 Bovisand, near Plymouth
Plate 285 Quay at Straddon point, near Plymouth
Plate 286 The Citadel, Plymouth
Plate 287 Catwater, Plymouth, from the Citadel
Plate 288 Mount Edgecumbe from the Citadel, Plymouth
Plate 289 View from Mount Edgecumbe
Plate 290 Mamoaze from Mount Edgecumbe
Plate 291 Port Wrinkle, Cornwall
Plate 292 East Looe, Cornwall
Plate 293 Polperro, Cornwall
Plate 294 Fowey from Bodenick, Cornwall
Plate 295 Fowey Castle, Cornwall
Plate 296 Polkerris, Cornwall
Plate 297 Mevagissy, Cornwall
Plate 298 Mevagissy, Cornwall
Plate 299 Gorran Haven, Cornwall
Plate 300 Port-looe, Cornwall
Plate 301 Falmouth, Cornwall
Plate 302 The Lizard Light-houses, Cornwall
Plate 303 Mullyan Cove, Cornwall
Plate 304 Near Mullyan Cove, Cornwall
Plate 305 St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall
Plate 306 St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall.
Plate 307 Penzance, Cornwall
Plate 308 The Land's end, Cornwall

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