Clerodendrum paniculatum (Verbenaceae) - Plate 380

Joseph Banks

Java (Parts 17 - 18)

Line engraving by Daniel MacKenzie after Sydney Parkinson (1770 - 1771) and Frederick Polydore Nodder (1782). Joseph Banks and his party saw this species at: Batavia, Java (11 October 1770 - 24 December 1770) This shrub is among the most conspicuous of the 400 or so species of the genus on account of its large panicles of red flowers. It is widespread in subtropical and tropical eastern Asia and is often cultivated in warm countries.


This print is also illustrated as Plate 141 on page 286 of Joseph Banks' Florilegium: Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage, published by Thames & Hudson Ltd 

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