Syzygium suborbiculare (Myrtaceae) - Plate 125

Joseph Banks

Australia (Parts 1 - 15)

Line engraving by Gerald Sibelius, after Sydney Parkinson (1770) and Frederick Polydore Nodder (1777) Joseph Banks and his party saw this species at: Lizard Island, Australia (11 August - 12 August 1770) This species with its broad, almost round leaves, forms large trees in coastal areas of north-eastern Queensland, the Northern Territory and New Guinea. The large ripe fruit was said to have been widely eaten by the Aborigines in Queensland, who also prized the trunks for making canoes. The plant is now commonly called white apple or lady apple tree


This print is also illustrated as Plate 139 on page 281 of Joseph Banks' Florilegium: Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage, published by Thames & Hudson Ltd 

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