Acacia leiocalyx (Leguminosae) - Plate 91

Joseph Banks

Australia (Parts 1 - 15)

Line engraving by Daniel MacKenzie, after Sydney Parkinson (1770) and Frederick Polydore Nodder (1781) Joseph Banks and his party saw this species at: Bustard Bay, Australia (22 May - 24 May 1770) Botany Bay, Australia (28 April - 6 May 1770) This subspecies is restricted to the Hervey Bay area of Queensland and it was only the chance anchoring of the Endeavour here that led Parkinson to sketch the plant in 1770. It was not recognised as distinct until 1978.


This print is also illustrated as Plate 90 on page 191 of Joseph Banks' Florilegium: Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage, published by Thames & Hudson Ltd 

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